Search Engine Marketing

India Website Solutions have developed complex software solutions to manage online advertising and inbound link growth trends from our websites as well as 3rd party websites and we have been developing a network of powerful domains hosted across the India and the rest of the world.

In the last 12 months India Website Solutions link-campaigns have been achieving ground breaking results for ALL our clients. With no minimum contract term required we have more than 400 businesses currently using our technology, less than 1% has requested to cease using our services.

100% of ALL clients using our technology and techniques have experienced massive improved ranking to most or all of their keywords targeted by our campaigns.

We will improve your high value keywords ranking which will result in increased visitors and enquiries. Our techniques and software is unique and is currently being patented.

We recommend a campaign of at least 6 months to really value the results and review your Return On Investment. To see these results Campaigns start at  £433 per month (£100 per week) and go up up into the thousands, small start ups spending as little as £433 experience great results, however our recommended monthly budget is £750 per month (£173 per week), this has proven to show truly excellent results. For the larger business or businesses doing the majority of their business online spending £1750 + per month will experience results that usually see them doubling their spend.

The larger campaigns are Project Managed with free Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultancy, email us your queries and we will respond with cutting edge solutions to this ever changing industry. Keyword Tracking is available for campaigns of over £950.

Also due to the speed in which are software works you now no longer need to Index your website, as soon as we launch your campaign Google responds by increasing the ranking within 30 days, but you should see results within MSN and Yahoo within two weeks, and you should see a positive trend establishing itself within 1 – 6 months for Google and 10 – 60 days in MSN. This alone will save you money that other SEO companies claim to do.

Our Online Marketing Services can be used independently of any other web related service, whether or not we host or develop your website.